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Amplified music

The majority of musicians who play electric guitar/bass imitate the few who make it to celebrity status.   Brand identification is the marketing drive behind musical instrument amplification at every level.   Guitar and Bass amps, speakers, mixers, effects, microphones, leads etc.   The identity of a muso who imitates becomes consumed within the brand image of the instruments and amps they acquire.

If a group of skilled musicians wished to create their own identity and be heard with crystal clarity,   Where could they go for technical support?   Is there information on Web sites that address this question and provides a direction?   Many accomplished classical musicians have their instrument hand crafted for them by an artisan.   A technical skilled person may join a band to provide support and insure all performances are hear at the correct balance with clarity and detail.

Arrebato Ensemble

The Arrebato Ensemble (above pic) are representative of many excellent productions throughout the world that are performed by musicians with astounding skill.   Each live performance is a masterful accomplishment.   For two hours the musicians transcend their individuality and become a holistic expression.   As an audience we are captivated, on the edge of our seats.   Separation disappears and the audience experience becoming one with the music, on stage with the musicians.

These magnificent musical productions are only heard by a minority of the population throughout the world.   The globalisation of consumer mass marketing insures that only that which appeals to the lowest level (second rate) becomes financially successful.   Many musicians who have attained a mastery of skill, struggle to survive.

Hopfully these chapters may give assistance and hope to those who provide the technical support to musicians and bands and help insure that greater numbers of people are able to enjoy masterful musical productions.

Tes concert

Yes began in 1968 and are still performing today.   'Yes' represent of a limited number of excellent fusion touring bands that perform musically difficult and complex orchestrations to appreciative audiences throughout the world.   Attention to how they are heard by the audience is what separates these productions from the majority.   These productions also represent the divide between the live music that is driven by passion compared to productions that are driven by profit.

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Created: 18-Jan-2010